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Just a feather by madeinnl

Masked Lapwing Chick by kgolab

Soaking Up The Sun_DSC7737 by merrelyn

Masked Lapwing & their Chick by kgolab

Splash by mittens

Lady in red. by cocobella

Flame for sooc challenge by madeinnl

Abstract Fruit by sarahlth

Back Beach by dide

the joy of Jinks by quietpurplehaze

One little boat by swillinbillyflynn

church by gijsje

Jumping Jack Flash by rosiekind

Early morning in the creek. by hermann

Pink Fairy Orchids by jodies

If Only Trees Could Talk! by bizziebeeme

Just Posing by carolmw

Female Kingfisher water splash by padlock

On my walk Yesterday I saw . . . by ludwigsdiana

LOTR Landscape by yorkshirekiwi

Nuthatch by rosiekind

sit by graemestevens

Sunrise by foxes37

High Key Nifty Fifty by fbailey

Tahkenitch Moonlit Night by jgpittenger

Takin' a selfie by batfish

I'm a teapot by dibzgreasley

Gumby Hall Gardens by carole_sandford

Two tone blossoms by yorkshirekiwi

Time to set Sail by kgolab

Flowers for Kylie ... by julzmaioro

flooding evening light by jerome

More Play (SOOC) by fbailey

On the edge..... by ziggy77

Canadian Snowbirds Part 2 by susanalena

Swim With The Current by gardenfolk

The town bridge by mave

Infinity pool at the new Emporium hotel in Brisbane by hrs

Buzz off....... by shepherdmanswife

Kristian Ghedina portrait #32 by caterina

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