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Post storm sunset by dibzgreasley

Lyttelton Harbour's new marina by maureenpp

Unfailing Ingenious by gardenfolk

Winter ready... by ulla

Monarch butterfly by joannakate

Bee Happy by yorkshirekiwi

A break in the weather by jodies

A typical Cape Dutch Homestead by ludwigsdiana

cormorant by tracie8266

Windy Woo! by motherjane

evening almost here by hrs

half ocean half sky by ludwigsdiana

Hydrangea petals by 365projectorgjenfurj

Argyranthemum........ by ziggy77

Spider Gerberas ~ by happysnaps

Things that begin with "T" by janeandcharlie

rambler by gijsje

What a Nail Biter... by julzmaioro

Cream Pointsettier in my jungle garden by 777margo

Dancing clematis by peterscherub2

One Waterlily ~ by happysnaps

Our weather by ludwigsdiana

The perfect autumn day by happypat

The lengths we go to … by golftragic

Duck and cover! by gilbertwood

Mt Marlay lookout. by hermann

Apostlebird. by hermann

McDonaldLake by 365karly1

May Half and Half - Take A Seat by nicolecampbell

Casuarina nuts by pusspup

Entertainment by onewing

Is it a bird, is it a plane? by wavemachine007

purple sweet peas by quietpurplehaze

Cousins by dide

Last Dominican Sunrise before we head home by chloette

Half and half 26 by golftragic

B+W Rose by elkereturns

As romantic as it gets! by janemartin

More Storms To Come DSCN0288 by merrelyn

Not halfy enough to be half by brigette

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